Earlier this year, the Ohio legislature passed House Bill 6, which provides over $1 billion to a private corporation - FirstEnergy Solutions - to bail out two of its privately-owned nuclear plants. The bill prioritizes Wall Street creditors over hardworking Ohioans, adds new charges to Ohioans' utility bills, and costs Ohio jobs.

Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts believes this is a grossly misguided bill, an irresponsible use of our citizens' money, and is out collecting signatures that will allow Ohio residents an opportunity to vote on the issue themselves next year. If you want a chance to take the power back from the corporate and political elite, please find one of our many signature collectors out in your community and sign the petition!


Facts About House Bill 6:
Ohio's $1 BILLION Corporate Bailout

  • HB6 forces Ohio ratepayers to bailout FirstEnergy Solutions, a private multi billion dollar corporation, to the tune of more than $1 billion.

  • Environmental groups, manufacturers, consumer groups, think tanks, and industry groups all agree HB6 is bad for Ohio.

  • HB6 guts Ohio’s renewable energy and efficiency standards, setting Ohio’s clean energy efforts back decades.

  • FirstEnergy Solutions claimed they needed a more than $1 billion bailout to save 1400 jobs at the nuclear plants. As soon as HB6 passed though, they announced they wouldn’t be honoring existing union contracts.

  • HB6 interferes in the energy market, and is chasing investments out of Ohio. A gas-fired power plant in Lordstown, a city reeling from the recent closure of a GM plant, was canceled because HB6 unfairly subsidizes nuclear power.

  • HB6 is corporate welfare financed by all Ohio ratepayers for the benefit of Wall Street.

"Column: Sign the correct petition if you oppose utility’s bailout"


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